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Software Intelligence

We specialize in advanced projects where data is converted to learning and understanding. Technology is a force multiplier

Mission & Vision

All software today must be architected from a data collection and data science perspective in order to avoid becoming immediately obsolete... read more

Who We Are?

We are founders and technologist from Silicon Valley to Scandinavia who have created and built technology...read more

Our Values

By using Software Intelligence, our clients take advantage of the experiences of veteran startup founders and executives from Silicon Valley and Europe... read more


Why Us?

  • Software Intelligentsia was founded by experienced software entrepreneurs, CTOs and VP Engineering, Software Intelligentsia has experienced almost everything — both positive and negative.

  • We design, build and operate ambitious cloud-native, mobile first software products across nearly every industry. Work with Software Intelligentsia to shape the future, rather than playing catch up.

  • If you have problems, we have made an expertise of fixing problems others created, both with front-end and backend infrastructure.

  • Read More

How We Work

What is Scrum?

SCRUM is an agile software development methodology for managing product development. Why we use the Agile Methodology? Because it is flexible and iterative, and it works.

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Our Process

You tell us what you need and we help you define your project, goals and timelines

We work with you to select the persons or team to execute the determined objectives.

You start working with your people directly, our under our Scrum Management

We interact with you regularly with timely briefings and feedback calls

Our Engagement Approach

You/Your Organization
Your Talent

Work Directly With Your Talent

We help you put the right people in place — they are managed directly by you and housed in our offices. Great affordable talent, no hassle.



Offload a Project to Us

We work with you to define and execute a project managed by us in software development or data science, from creating chat bots to identifying predictive characteristics of borrowers.

Data & Technology

Technology is a force multiplier, and data is the fuel that drives the revolution

Definition 01
Artificial Intelligence

AI is about making machines automate tasks and become smart, so they can make decisions on their own...Read More

Definition 02
Machine Learning

This gives machines the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is essentially...Read More

Definition 03
Natural Language Understanding

These technologies and methodologies deal with the back and forth between...Read More

Definition 04
Data Science

This is a collection of methods and processes to glean information and insights from structured or unstructured...Read More

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