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HourGlass map provides a one stop solution for gaining a 360-degree outlook and an elevated acumen for all sectors dealing with human data
  • Data Analytics

    Explore and analyse public data for mapping, plotting, report generation and analysis with categorical and multilevel selection criteria

  • Geographical Mapping

    Plot data for geographies using techniques like heat maps and radius mapping to make significant business decisions on the basis of territorial optimization

  • Thematic Visualizer

    Get data converted into comprehensive visuals for generating exploration and comparisons. Comparable charts and graphs illustrate the data in detail

  • Perceptive Reporting

    Comprehensive reports for research and business sectors that are professionally viable, providing insightful analysis and feasibility review

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HourGlass Map Product

HourGlass Map provides you the ability to map geography, demography and human life elements. This enables you to find intelligent relationships from data and delve deeper into insightful analysis and exploration.

  • High end graphical presentation

  • Comprehension for abstract concepts and real world scenarios

  • Research breakdown at intrinsic levels for quick understanding

  • Detailed inquiry for demography and geography

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Find the details on the surveys, datasets, years, categories, tables and projections that are covered by the HourGlass Map

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Price Plans

Choose the edition that suits your needs best

Free Edition

$ 0.00 / year
  • Public Data
  • Reports View
  • 1-Layer Maps
  • Data View Only
  • Charts View Only
  • Map View Only

Corporate Edition

$ 2999.99 / year
  • Public/Licensed Data
  • Reports Download
  • 2-Layer Maps
  • Data Download
  • Chart Download
  • Map Download

Premium Edition

$ 4999.99 / year
  • Public/Licensed/Own Data
  • Custom Report Designer
  • 3-Layer Maps
  • Data Download/Report
  • Custom Charts Download/Report
  • Custom Map Download/Report

How We Work?

A fine-tuned work flow of smart solution stratagem for businesses to supercharge their decision making
  • Mining

    Business and market oriented data is explored to find consistent patterns and links between variables.

  • Assembling

    Data explored during data mining is collected and assembled from internal and external sources.

  • Warehousing

    Data collected is accumulated and stored for intelligible analysis.

  • Computation

    Maps, charts and reports are processed by using fine algorithms and computational technologies.