Get Data

This section deals with a hierarchy of variables beginning with 30 parent categories. Each variable or sub category variable can be selected on an individual level. These categories can be used for generating data followed by multi-level section for sub-level categories for each parent variable of the data. The user can select a category from the left menu. The parallel drop down will display all sub-categories for the parent categories and can be fetched by using:

  • 1st level Drop Down
  • 2nd level Drop Down
  • 3rd Level Drop Down

The respective drop-down will show all the available sub-categories and user can single-select or multiple select the sub categories

There are a total of 30 category variables: Population, Age, Sex, Race, Income, Family Structure, Marital Status, Group Quarters, Unmarried Partners, Education, Housing, House Value, Labor Force, Employment Sector, Occupation, Unemployment, Poverty, Travel Time to Work, Transportation, Veterans, Residence, Native/Foreign Born, Ancestry, Asian and Hispanic Group, Disabilities, Farms, Slavery, Religion, Carbon Emissions and Crime.
The category variables are followed by sub category variables. A total of 22,000 variables are present which can be used for providing options for data visualization and plotting on map. Heat maps option is also provided for data plotting. Further, the user can generate reports from the data. Other functionalities include the generation of PDFs of the report, image or map as per the requirement of the user.
The geographical variables are basically the geo codes that define different geography levels. On the basis of the estimate selection, the geo level tabs will auto-populate depending upon the respective availability of the geo levels. Data is provided on various levels: State, Census Tract, Block Group, Town/City/CDP, Cities, Metro Area/Micro Area, State, Congressional District, State Senate District, State House District, PUMA, County, School District, Elementary School District and Secondary School District.
Data can be generated between the years 2006-2014. The parent selection criteria would include selecting either single year or year range and either of the 1, 3 or 5 year estimate. For this particular app, the 5 year survey type is provided. This means that the survey is done for a time span of 5 years at the moment.
The drop down menu is used for incorporating other data sources like Crime, Weather and Open Street to increase the data scope of the product.